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Our Story

Roots of Fancy Nagra Footwear

The seed of Fancy Nagra footwear was sowed in 1948 by a man born with defined principles of business, Sageer Ahmed Siddiqui. He started his business with determination with the name of Free Walk Nagra at the Zaib-Un-Nisa Street in Karachi. He initiated his business in men category keeping the common men culture in mind. He was the true patriot and wanted to prevail in the Pakistani culture so that also reflected in his business as the most footwear were the true presenter of Pakistani tradition. This elegancy attracted English men the most and they were the big fan of his traditional Pakistani footwear styles. His kindness and intelligence made him famous among his dealers and manufacturers and becoming a reason for firming the roots of his Business. He had clear vision, goals and a perfect succession plan of making his business a family business then so that was later succeeded by his son, Riaz Akhter Siddiqui.

Now the plant of Free walk Nagra was ready to become a big tree so it succeeded with the new gardener but with the same roots. In 1976 the son of Sageer Ahmed Siddiqui handed his business values and thoughts to his son Riaz Akhtar Siddiqui, who joined his father in his business after completing his Islamic studies. He not only promoted his business values but also took it to the new direction with the name changed to Fancy Nagra Footwear. He shifted his outlet to the hub of shopping centers, of the great metropolitan city of Pakistan, Tariq road. This was the major decision and that became fruitful for Fancy Nagra as its roots became stronger and firmed in the footwear market. Riaz Akhter Siddiqui also worked on ladies’ and kid’s footwear, thus providing all categories under the one roof.

Sageer Ahmed Siddiqui


Riaz Akhtar Siddiqui

Fancy Nagra was growing stronger day after day and hence in need of a true and professional leadership. The son of Riaz Akhtar Siddiqui, Abdul Wasay pursued his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps and entered the business in 2015 after completing his business studies. He is a professional business thinker and a determined businessman. With defined goals, vision and a strong succession plan, the Fancy Nagra is now able to run professionally under the leadership of Abdul Wasay. Abdul Wasay fulfilled the needs of today’s business era and establishes the Fancy Nagra on social media. This not only improves the position of business but also targets the rest of the world, keeping the same Pakistani traditions alive in footwear. Abdul wasay is the true patriot and devoted to his homeland. He is now promoting Pakistani culture and tradition through his business by keeping them alive in providing traditional Pakistani footwear

in all categories. He not also does so but also made the Fancy Nagra’s page the leading fan following page on the footwear dealers’ platform. He digitalizes his business and makes the tree of Fancy Nagra to prevail in its flower fragrances to the whole world. In this part, he is not alone but has a helping hand of his younger brother, Abdul Nafay.

Abdul Nafay, also an Islamic scholar, joined his brother in their family business in 2018 and now running Fancy Nagra’s operation and Quality Control Cell. Abdul Nafay improves its business by providing it the proper governance structures. For the insurance of business continuity Abdul Wasay and Abdul Nafay both worked for its transparency and consistent framework. They made a separate cell for this that works on different divisions making sure the continuity and prosperity of their business.


Abdul Nafay


Abdul Wasay

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